Balco proudly welcomed the Modern Farm Group delegation to its WA site, igniting valuable discussions on technology and business operations. 

Figure 1: Rob Lawson CEO of Balco Australia shows Modern Farm delegation a hay sample.

On May 19th, the Modern Farm Delegates toured Balco’s WA processing plant in Brookton. Led by CEO Rob Lawson, the delegates were shown Balco’s factory equipment and explored topics such as the significance of quality control and supply chain management. They discussed Balco’s ongoing improvements to machinery, ensuring stable product quality, and the utilisation of scientific roster scheduling for consistent supply. The delegates learned about Balco’s robust product tracking system, enabling traceability from field to shipment, and witnessed upgraded dust removal systems, highlighting Balco’s commitment to employee health and company cohesion.

Following the factory tour, the delegates visited Balco’s warehouse, where Rob showcased Balco’s comprehensive coverage of hay production areas to mitigate climate risks. They learned about Balco’s strong warehousing capacity, ensuring a stable supply of stock. Balco’s close relationship with growers was emphasised, including technical support from seeding to harvesting, ensuring product quality and a stable procurement plan. Balco’s dedication to making improvements was clear through investments in scientific research, with specialised nutrition experts and renowned professors as consultants. Collaborations with institutions like the University of Melbourne and PRISA aim for a sustainable production environment.

Rob then introduced the oaten hay harvesting and baling process, highlighting the crop’s long planting cycle and annual harvest. The delegates learned about Balco’s minimal use of fertiliser and chemicals, resulting in low toxin residues, and the strict guidelines for harvesting to minimise impurities. The natural sun-drying effect on crops was discussed, preserving nutrients. Scientific guidance on planting and harvesting times aimed to improve the relationship with growers and product quality. Balco’s quality control system, synonymous with marketplace excellence, and the vital role of oaten hay in dairy farming were also addressed. The delegates were briefed on current industry trends and future expansion plans, including the organic oat grass planting program.

During the field visit, Rob showcased Balco’s strong relationship with local growers and its support for the community. Mr. Zhu Xiaohui, CFO of Modern Farming, commended Balco’s dramatic changes in productivity, production environment, and equipment. He highly regarded Balco’s factory management technique. The delegates expressed great satisfaction with Balco’s hay quality and expressed their desire for more in-depth and long-term cooperation with Balco in the future.


Figure 2: Rob Lawson CEO of Balco Australia shows Modern Farm delegation hay bale labelling system.


Figure 3: Modern Farm delegation is shown how the Raywood press operates.