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Balco Australia processes Oaten Hay, Wheaten Hay, Barley Hay and straw from growing regions in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. 

Balco hay is a palatable food source for milking cows, dry cows, and transition cows. Animals respond to the benefit of the fibre content of cereal hay. Oaten, Barley, and Wheaten Hay can be fed alone, or as part of a total mix ration such as complimenting the use of Alfalfa Hay. The relationship between environment and technology are key to ensuring the quality and consistency of product that Balco is known for.

Australian hay is known globally for low levels of potassium, nitrate nitrogen, and contamination. Balco customers are enjoying the financial rewards of healthier animals and increased milk production.

Oaten, Barley and Wheat Straw are cut and baled directly after the grain harvest. Straw is sought after by dairy and beef farmers as it is easily chopped for TMR application, which in turn increases fibre content while slowing down the rate of digestion allowing continued absorption of nutrients. Balco straw is soft handling and a safe to feed, competitively priced feed source that is free of contaminants and low in nitrate and potassium. Balco straw can also be used by horse breeders requiring bedding straw.