Balco Australia Participates in China Dairy Association’s 15th Dairy Conference (Dairy 20 Forum – 2024 China Dairy Expo).


Figure 1: Balco staff, Leo Li, General Manager China Market, James Cox, Sales Co-ordinator, Rob Lawson, CEO, Susan Yang, Customer Service Manager at the 2024 China Dairy Expo.

Balco Australia is one of the leading representatives in the oaten hay industry. As a result, Balco’s oaten hay products are well known to many customers attending the China Dairy Association’s 15th Dairy Conference (Dairy 20 Forum – 2024 China Dairy Expo) in Wuhan, Hubei, China, on the 3rd and 4th of July 2024. The conference is a national industry event organised by the China Dairy Association and co-organised by the Hubei Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department. The participants include:

  • China Dairy Association members, president, and vice president,
  • Government representatives, research institutions, and related personnel,
  • Top 20 dairy farms,
  • Officials from embassies and international organisations in China,
  • Experts in the dairy industry,
  • Heads of local milk associations and agencies,
  • Other domestic and foreign dairy farms,
  • Representatives of dairy consumers.

Balco has been active in China for 17 years, since 2008, as the first Australian oaten hay exporter to enter the Chinese market.

The 15th China Dairy Conference is a highly regarded event in China, and Balco is proud to have a presence as a significant supplier to the Chinese dairy market. Over the course of the conference, Balco had discussions with several of China’s largest dairy groups, reinforcing stable cooperation and laying the foundation for potential long-term common goals and developments. Balco staff, including Rob Lawson, CEO, Susan Young, Customer Service Manager, James Cox, Sales Coordinator, and Leo Li, General Manager China Market, took the opportunity to meet with new customers (see figures one, two, and three) and long-term established partners. Additionally, Balco exchanged market updates with other visitors from the Australian oaten hay industry.


Figure 2: Rob Lawson and Leo Li, engaging in conversation with new customers at the 2024 China Dairy Expo.

Balco brings high quality oaten hay from Australia. Established in 1990, Balco has been synonymous with “quality” in the industry. Our quality assurance and field teams work together with growers to set the benchmark for quality standards across the industry. Our procurement and production teams’ source and process hay from the best growing areas in South Australia, Western Australia, and Victoria. The diversity of sourcing regions ensures that Balco can withstand weather effects, maintaining stability of supply and consistency of quality.

Figure 3: Leo Li, Rob Lawson, and James Cox conversing with new customers at the 2024 China Dairy Expo.

Balco is a key player and has an active role in promoting the Australian hay export industry. Balco is a leader in Australian hay export standards in terms of quality testing, nutritional testing, and hay grading, continually raising the quality of oaten hay to a higher level and redefining the hay industry. As one of Australia’s HACCP certified hay exporters, we pride ourselves on leading the industry in quality, safety, and traceability.

Rob Lawson, CEO of Balco, mentioned that oaten hay is, on average, low in potassium. This is important to dairy farmers when formulating feed rations, as lower levels of potassium reduce the risk of heat stress.

During the conference, Balco discussed with customers the importance of the Chinese market and how China will remain a key focus for many years to come. Balco also supports other export markets, including Japan, Korea, and the Middle East. Rob Lawson, CEO of Balco, also mentioned that we understand the pressure that exists in the China Dairy Industry and cost control will be a key factor to keep a stable flow of demand for all customers and in keeping the China market in mind we will do our best to support the long-term development of our customers, for a mutual benefit and win-win cooperation outcome.

Figure 4: Leo Li, Rob Lawson, James Cox and Susan Yang with a new customer at the 2024 China Dairy Expo.